Full Circle by Charlie Wear

At a Diamondbacks game in Arizona this Summer

At a Diamondbacks game in Arizona this Summer

No, I am not having an Oprah, full circle moment! But lately I have begun to feel like my life has settled down a bit from the chaos of the last nine months. I find myself laughing more, and I’m beginning to be able to do my work more easily. Through the craziness, I have begun to notice a few things that I didn’t really understand until recently.

Everything has a time — This is Ecclesiastes 3, written by the wisest man on earth at the time, King Solomon and made popular by the Byrds song. The seasons of the year bring changes in weather, and different opportunities. So also, the seasons of life bring changes. If you aren’t watching for this you will miss it completely.

Slowing down is a way to speed up — Songwriter Mac Davis wrote, “You’ve got to stop and smell the roses, you’ve got to count your daily blessings every day…” or something like that. Living a day at a time decreases anxiety and worry, and who couldn’t stand a little more of that.

Pushing a noddle up a hill is not easy! — Trying to speed up other people is a lot like herding turtles. They are slow to get moving in the right direction and you just can’t whip them into a frenzy. They have shells!

Things that were put in motion five years ago are coming to fruition. Seeds that were sown, actions that were taken are having the consequences manifest today. Boy! I sure hope those Mayans weren’t right! I’d like to see what 2013 will bring…Blessings!


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